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The Boyum IT Solutions history - the journey

The journey begins in 1997 when Mikael Boyum founds MBJ Electronics focused on hardware. Slowly the company focused more and more on web-solutions. And in 2001 that results in MBJ Electronics changing its name to Boyum IT.

In 2004 Boyum IT becomes SAP partner and this is the year Boyum IT expands and shows their first award-winning module. 

2005 is the year B1 Usability Package is released, and it does not take long time, before it becomes a popular module. Today we have more than 5,000 installations in over 90 countries.

Two years later Boyum IT becomes a Gold SAP Partner. 

After that Boyum IT expands all over the world. From 2007 to 2016 Boyum IT opens 4 new sales offices in respectively UK, Mexico, Australia and Israel. In addition Boyum IT opens new offices in Brazil, Germany and the US. 

Furthermore Boyum IT acquires a Norwegian SAP Business One company and becomes the largest SAP Business One house in the Scandinavian market. Boyum IT also acquires a Finnish company - PWS DATA Oy. 

In 2016 Boyum IT acquires beas group AG and thereby takes a big step into the manufacturing market.   2016 was also the year where Boyum IT made a new company structure with subsidiaries based on areas of business. 

In April 2018 Boyum IT Solutions acquired the Belgian company Produmex, which gives a unique position in the warehouse management market.

What the future holds only time will tell. But surely there's exciting things in store for Boyum IT. 

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