Beas' Industry Experience combined with SAP Expertise

Beas Manufacturing is the global solution for small to mid-sized discrete and process manufacturing businesses. Offering comprehensive and invaluable workflows and functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation and fulfillment, Beas ensures efficiency and flexibility for manufacturers of anything from metal and plastics to machinery and apparatus, and from automotive to food.

Benefits of Beas Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Inside Views

Transparent process analyses support companies in continuously reviewing the effects of optimization projects using defined KPIs.

Latest technologies

Use and integration of the latest technologies, from SAP ERP integration to SAP HANA, as well as SAP cloud and mobile solutions.


Quick, effortless and cost-effective implementation. Industry specifics are taken into account and integrated and available from the very outset.


Above- average functional industry coverage and process support. 

Best-practice process

Best-practice process, to meet your individual business requirements across all process chains.

Drive your manufacturing business with only one system

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