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Listening to the pulse of manufacturing to maximize throughput enables manufacturers to respond proactively to problems and reduce downtime in the plant. With increasing bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tooling and labor skills, your ability to provide accurate customer delivery dates is getting to be a complex task. In some cases, production staff are recording data on paper creating a lack of production visibility especially when trying to manually plan multiple resource types simultaneously.

These resources need to be optimized to maximize production output, reduce change over and setups, while meeting customer demand. With Beas Manufacturing capacity planning, initial delivery dates can be calculated via finite backward scheduling. Combines with Beas Manufacturing APS both material availability and capacity can be scheduled together to calculate the capable to promise delivery date while allows you to effectively plan large numbers of short run production orders.


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Beas Manufacturing is the global solution for small to mid-sized discrete and process manufacturing businesses. Offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation and fulfillment, Beas Manufacturing ensures efficiency and flexibility for manufactures.

The combination of SAP Business One and Beas results in the ultimate solution for managing and controlling manufacturers' workflows, processes and cost accounting. this includes specific approaches and functions for materials management (order and stock-related production, mixed and variant production) as well as functionality for production planning and the generation of manufacturing orders.

The true value and foundation of Beas Manufacturing lies in 25 years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing solutions, and long-established expertise in packaged and integration solutions based on SAP Business One.



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