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The food and beverage industry is defined by its growing complexity, tight competition and the ongoing need to comply with regulatory requirements and innovate new products in order to keep pace with consumer and major retailer demands. On top of that, margins are thinning, and the price of commodities is constantly changing. The combination of these factors puts added pressure on food and beverage companies to achieve increased growth targets and revenue.

In order to successfully compete, manufacturers must find ways to adapt and target efficiency in the future. Food and beverage manufacturers will be forced to innovate due to the volume of orders, increased product variety and rapid product development and distribution. The supply chain is becoming more complex and the companies that succeed will be those that simplify it.

Beas Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a scalable platform to enhance cross-company collaboration and process execution to improve operational performance, increase asset reliability, maintain quality enforcement, provide consumer traceability and improve recipe agility

Benefits Supporting Key Initiatives for this Industry

Rising costs of raw materials and energy are putting pressure on food and beverage manufacturers. Margins are especially tight, so efficiency and productivity in all phases of the supply chain are important to remain financially viable. Reducing costs in every area is a primary concern and fluctuating commodity prices make streamlined operations all the more crucial. Beas is able to capture, assign and compare actual and standard costs for all finished products. The ability to capture true costs at batch level provides granular cost visibility, which is the paramount importance in the industry. This includes not only material costs, but labor, machine and overhead costs as well.

Accurately monitoring manufacturing to maximize throughput enables manufacturers to respond proactively to problems and reduce downtime in the plant. With increased complexity bill of materials and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tooling and labor skills, your ability to provide accurate customer delivery dates becomes a complex task. In some cases, production staff are recording data on paper creating a lack of production visibility, especially when trying to manually plan multiple resource types simultaneously. 

Recipes and formulas in process manufacturing are not only complex, they also don't leave much room for an error. A minor change in quantity for one ingredient can lead to quality management issues, and even compromise an entire batch. While defective production batches can be adjusted to improve their quality, this process can be very complex, since manufacturers need to take into account all of the possible effects of adding ingredients that were not part of the original recipe. Since creating perfect recipes or formulas is almost impossible in process manufacturing, there will always be a percentage of the final output comprised of waste.

“Beas Manufacturing and SAP Business One help us get a clear overview of our production. The actual product cost is generated alongside the production, in real time. When the production is complete we have the corresponding cost."

Key functions to optimize your planning processes


Real time data access in production is vital whether it is related to products, processes, or machines operating in the factory. In the past, when production fell short of established goals manufacturers traditionally added more machines and operators to the workforce. While this may temporarily address the problem by raising output to accomplish production goals, it also raises overhead costs by increasing capital expenses, utilities, facilities requirements, parts usage and more. This also increases the need for more supervisors and administrative personnel, adding to indirect labor costs. Traditionally, real time information access for processes has not been available at shop floor level. In the case of change in processes or actions, workers or machines would have to wait until instructions were manually transferred or data was loaded in the production system.

Unsafe, mislabeled or counterfeit products released into the market can damage a manufacturer’s brand and destroy consumer trust. To maintain brand equity, food and beverage manufacturers must meet increasingly strict food safety, ingredient labeling and environmental regulations. To meet quality requirements at all times, operators require real-time feedback, and with so much regulatory oversight, food & beverage manufacturers need detailed information about the how, where and when of producing a product (genealogy) and where ingredients in each product came from (traceability). Technology that enables food and beverage manufacturers to digitize this process and provide objective evidence of quality and regulatory compliance can prevent fines and help manufacturers build trust with the customer.

Companies that depend on product consistency require operational discipline, regardless of location or equipment – with consistency in specification and quality assurance, procedural enforcement, production tracking and material traceability. Beas Manufacturing helps to improve production execution and control, allowing food & beverage manufacturers to achieve high product consistency. Increasing the quantity and accuracy of production information gives great insight into daily food & beverage operations. Beas Manufacturing provides a wide array of functions to help you keep track of every relevant aspect in production planning. For example, if the expiration of raw materials is a problem, Beas Manufacturing offers a report that identifies all the lots that are going to expire within a certain amount of days.

Advanced technologies - forefront of servicing the world of food manufacturing

  • Blockchain is being explored to assist in the tracking of food origins. From soil management to livestock raising, blockchain can be used for a true field to fork experience.

  • IoT is also being explored in terms of smart labeling, where RFID can be used to track food movement, locations, temperatures and chemical properties.

  • Fresh food supply chains are becoming shorter and faster in a bid to retain product life.

  • Innovation abounds, including intelligent packaging with biosensors indicating freshness.

  • Many companies are investigating Industry 4.0 and are starting to analyze how to implement this technology.

  • Machine learning will enable food and beverage manufacturers to respond to demand in real time.

  • Consumers are demanding high-quality, healthy, inexpensive food that can be delivered quickly.

Extensive Experience in Food and Beverage sector

Challenges and Opportunities

  • The company wanted a detailed global overview of the entire business and its operations and being able to perform complicated traceability control


Realized value for the customer

  • Better management of the entire production and packaging process
  • Beas Manufacturing manages and controls all the scanners and the production line
  • Accurate information on traceability and all production processes
  • Better synergies in all areas of the business
  • SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing let us develop and grow faster

Why Beas Manufacturing?

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Beas Manufacturing Scales as the Business Grows

As your business grows and changes, you need a solution that can scale and adapt to it. Beas Manufacturing is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment, as modules can be purchased and activated during appropriate phases of implementation.

The key vehicle that transforms Beas Manufacturing for Food & Beverage into a successful business solution is the embracing of SAP AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology. We are working with more than 550 partners worldwide and provide them with global support from more than 9 global locations.

Our partners have access to our Beas Manufacturing specialists for any questions they have around project quality assurance or functional support, so ensuring that you, their customer, is getting the best service.

We provide our partners and customers with on-site training workshops, eLearning courses and implementations tools, which are founded in over 16 years of manufacturing experience. Beas Manufacturing is a long-term investment and we provide a flexible solution which you can, at any point in time, extend and enhance as your business requirements change.

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