Flexible production processes

As in other industries, the main reasons for introducing a new ERP system are to reduce time and costs and to design processes more efficiently. In an industry which is characterized by trends and changing customer demands, flexibility is key. Studies suggest that demand in the USA for niche products like men’s, organic and natural cosmetics will increase particularly strongly. High-performance ingredients also encourage the production of cosmetics chemicals. In order to react rapidly to these new market scenarios, personal care companies need ERP systems which can be easily expanded.



Transparent and secure business processes with Beas Manufacturing

Takes into account legal standards and GMP guidelines (FDA, EMA, BRC, IFRA, GHS etc.) in accordance with industry-specific requirements

Easy-to-use cost calculation per article, production order and batch; flexible multi-level margin calculation, etc.

Seamless integration of other systems like SCADA, LIMS, etc.

Documentation (data modifications, production and quality control data, including all testing, approval and release steps), including the two-man rule and electronic signatures 

Easy integration of complex formulas, descriptions and documentation of properties, compliance checks

Beas Manufacturing Scales as the Business Grows

As the business grows and changes, manufacturers need a solution that can grow and change with it. Beas Manufacturing is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and "turned on" during appropriate phases of implementation.

Beas Manufacturing for Personal Care is based on SAP Business One and supports cosmetics manufacturers with all industry-relevant functions. In doing so, the ERP system takes into account GMP guidelines and documents all production and business processes transparently and securely.

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Why Beas Manufacturing?

Over 860 businesses have chosen Beas Manufacturing as it does not simply cover basic manufacturing trends, but also supports innovation in response to growth.

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