Online E-learning Hub

On our E-learning Hub, we have learning plans and specific courses for all types of learners. The content includes video recordings of our different products. This will give you the chance to learn about them when you want and not to be tied into a specific onsite training. The only thing you need is internet connection. With an e-learning subscription you will have full access to all training material for the entire year. 

Go and start learning any of our products, when you have the time. Why e-learning is the new way of learning? 

  • e-learning courses are “self-study”, you may access courses from any device: computers, tablets or mobiles, either at work, home or even on a plane at any time that is convenient 24x7. 

  • Many short videos, you can get the specific content you need in no time.  

  • You just get it when it's most needed - with no waiting. 

  • Minimize consultants “out of the office” time. 

  • Reduce travel expenses associated with outside training classes. 


The subscription options

Gain full access to all our training material, for the entire year. Purchase an e-learning subscription. Calculated on an annual basis, the prices are the following:

  • Bronze partner – € 200 per user
  • Silver partner – € 100 per user
  • Gold partner – free
  • Platinum partner - free
  • Direct customer – € 200 per user

If you are an end-customer and would like to get access, please contact your partner.

How can I purchase an e-learning subscription?

Please follow the steps below in order to get an access to the e-learning content:

  • Register yourself on the portal and your colleagues should do the same. You can learn more about the e-learning self-registration here.
  • Purchase access to the E-learning Hub in our portal. You can learn more about the purchasing process here. 
  • Once you are registered and the order has been placed, please send your user ID (e-mail address) to us at sales@slet-dette.boyum-it.com. 



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