Beas basic functions & additional modules

Beas Manufacturing concentrates on a number of additional modules for manufacturing industries in order to map their business processes. Beas Manufacturing basis functions are included in the Beas standard version. All other functions are add-on modules, that can be added individually.  

Beas Manufacturing Basic Modules


The manufacturing functions include specific strategies / functions for materials management: order and stock related production and more.

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Product Order Management

Manage and change production orders directly in the work order structure with selectable levels of detail, multi-level BOMs and associated routings.

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Version & Revision Control

Discrete production, starting without interruption from engineering via CAD/PDM integration to master data, calculation data, work orders, history, products in stock, shipped and / or under maintenance.

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Integration Hub

Aware of the steadily increasing demand for enterprise-wide integration of main and subordinate processes

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Material Management

Including material-related functions that are linked to the supply of the company and the control of the material flow, from manufacturing to delivery of finished products.

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Quality Control & Release Management

In addition to fulfilling high quality standards, most small and medium-sized manufacturing companies must also be able to document them.

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Calculation / Product Costing

Providing full and marginal costs information, contribution and product margins, sales price, batch calculation with several filters to inquire differences in work orders.

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External Manufacturing

Management and recognition of external works centres and routings.

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Beas Manufacturing Additional Modules

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

The APS complements the planning functions of the Beas Basic license with further functions for detailed planning. New or existing work order positions are calculated using predefined calculation types. 

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With Beas for maintenance you get a fully integrated maintenance solution and avoid unplanned production downtime. Increase the availability of your plant by planning downtime and taking them into account in your production plan.

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Mobile & Web Modules

There are several WEB applications integrated in Beas Manufacturing for professional use, which are very easy to install and configure.

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Project Management

Beas Manufacturing provides a powerful project management module, which provides transparency on tasks, budgets and activities, to have the possibility to control and adapt processes

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Product Configurator

The product configurator enables you to manage product variants - for example, in the creation of a quotation or sales order the user can be guided through a simple wizard to configure, calculate and integrate the products.

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Time & Production Data

A constantly updated overview of the work orders and a simple feedback of the production data such as times, states and quantities, via barcode, is provided by the recording of the time & production data.

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Business Performance

Budgeting of cost types/groups, comparison of plan/actual, Copy to new tenancies, simulations, take-over of actual data as new basis for budget.

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