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The B1 Usability Package (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable you to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly, making it ready to face the most diverse scenarios and challenges. B1UP brings a new depth of versatility to SAP Business One, ensuring a flawless user experience and giving you the competitive edge that you need to drive your organization to success.

SAP Business One is the ideal business system for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, every company is unique and has its own way of doing business, so even a world class piece of management software like SAP Business One has to be tailored to meet specific requirements. It’s a well-known fact that developing customizations can be a headache, using up valuable time and money, and requiring ongoing maintenance and the skills of technical experts. So what’s the easiest way to design a fine-tuned system for your business without the drawbacks of extensive development?

B1 Usability Package is the answer: A high-quality add-on that enables you to customize SAP Business One with ease, and make it perfectly suited for organizations of every variety. A broad feature set opens up unlimited possibilities for tailoring and automation, even for non-tech professionals. The B1UP can be used with ease and speed to adapt SAP Business One to a variety of scenarios and improve end-to-end system utilization, boost user experience and dramatically increase return on investment. B1UP is a must-have solution for companies seeking to unleash the full power of SAP Business One, elevating it to a strategic platform for success in this age of Digital Transformation. 



Key benefits on B1 Usability Package


Data quality is essential to the information flow within a system, and incorrect data can drastically impact business operations and decision-making. Make SAP Business One foolproof when it comes to data quality.


The expectations of users of enterprise software have risen substantially. Easy-to-use apps designed for mobile devices have made users look for a more fluid interaction with the solutions they use at work.


Use customization and automation to create better, more efficient and streamlined business processes. Explore B1 Usability Package to perfectly tailor SAP Business One to the way you work: 

"Today we could not run SAP Business One withouth the B1 Usability Package from Boyum IT. I am a huge fan"

Rob Burke, Finance & IT, McRoskey Mattress Company

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Make better decisions

Data is the foundation of your organization’s most important asset: Information. Being data-driven about your customers, business performance and organizational effectiveness gives you confidence in making the right decisions. To cover the entire scope of SAP Business One utilization, the B1UP also offers a set of reporting and analytics tools: 

  • B1 Dashboards - a centralized cockpit of interactive widgets that enables you to analyze up-to-date information and make accurate, data-driven decisions. Web access also available. 
  • Data visualization - Display your data in eye-catching, colorful charts and pop-up dashboards. 
  • Custom reports - Create your own fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL. 
  • Crystal reports - Display, print or save Crystal Report-based layouts



Watch the B1 Usability Package presentation video

Deliver the best user experience by tailoring and automating SAP Business One with the B1 Usability Package.

In this short demo video you can learn some common ways that people use some of the numerous easy-to-use tools in B1UP so you’ll get some insight into how you can save yourself clicks, errors and time.

With B1 Usability Package you can form SAP Business One into your needs. Get started today and see results tomorrow. 

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