Stay flexible in the evolving Medical Industry

Medical devices and components are subject to very strict regulations such as the FDA (UDI regulation) and must comply with ISO standards. For this reason, medical technology companies need an ERP system that provides a clearer overview of production processes and supply chain management (SCM), supports existing ISO standards and regulations and allows new specifications to be integrated quickly. 

The market for medical devices is growing and requires rapid adjustments. Medical-technical progress, demographic change and an expanded concept of health that is more oriented towards a better quality of life contribute to this. Therefore, new trends must be able to be flexibly mapped in the supply chain. 



Improving Production with Beas Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Project cockpit for all project types from engineering, prototyping and production to customer acceptance, budget and cost control

Easy integration of subsystems like CAD/PLM, machinery (PLC), pattern optimization, etc.

APS for group, individual and alternative resources (machinery, tools, staff) in order to increase capacity and productivity

Supports legal ISO standards through quality assurance all along the supply chain and comprehensive documentation (version, revision, drawing, batch and serial numbers)

Beas Manufacturing Scales as the Business Grows

As the business grows and changes, manufacturers need a solution that can grow and change with it. Beas Manufacturing is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and "turned on" during appropriate phases of implementation.

Beas Manufacturing for Medical Devices extends SAP Business One with industry-specific functionalities such as officially regulated business processes. The ERP system supports companies in making manufacturing and supply chain management secure, efficient and flexible. 

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Why Beas Manufacturing?

Over 860 businesses have chosen Beas Manufacturing as it does not simply cover basic manufacturing trends, but also supports innovation in response to growth.

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