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B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) automates the entire communication flow in SAP Business One. It enables employees to maximize their productivity by handling day-to-day repetitive communication-related tasks, such as emailing, viewing, printing and saving documents and reports.

B1P&D also boosts team synergy by delivering customized messages through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, as well as sending activities and internal messages within SAP Business One to your team members. All of this is entirely automated. Let B1 Print & Delivery take care of the work, while your team focuses on achieving their business objectives.

In today's fast-moving and evolving business world, quick and accurate communication is the key to accomplishing better engagement with employees, customers, and supplier. As such, automated communication has become a crucial strategy for every kind of business. Whether you're managing internal processes or external interactions, the use of automation tools provides an undeniable advantage by increasing staff productivity, saving money, and achieving impressive business goals.

B1 Print & Delivery enables your company to scale communication through true automation, while still preserving the personal touch required to connect wit you audience.A comprehensive set of features and flexible logic mean that B1P&D can cater for the most diverse scenarios. Easily configure the system to automatically handle documents and reports, send emails, create activities, share information through modern collaboration tools and more!

You can also decide how and when automated tasks kick-in, whether in response to users'actions in SAP Business One, by batch execution, or run on a schedule. Embrace automated communication with B1 Print & Delivery and take your business efficiency to the next level.

Competitive advantage for your business

Streamline financial processes
The integration with B1 iPayment enables an end-to-end automated process - from invoicing to cash in the bank - by sending automated emails to customers, with personalized messages and PDF attachments featuring embedded links for online payments.

Provide your customers and suppliers with account status updates by sending them Account Balance reports.

Keep safe
Safeguard critical information by creating PDF files with a digital signature or password protection featuring ABCpdf.

Greater collaboration
Never miss a step of your team's workflow with automatic activities and internal messages in SAP Business One.

A must have strategy
Automating processes with B1 Print & Delivery enables your company to optimize costs, increase efficiency and save time.

Get the most from your team
Free up your employees' time so they can focus on important activities by automating repetitive tasks.

Improve customer retention
Build and maintain customer engagement through automated, targeted, and personalized communication.

No more debtors
Gather late payments by automating billing letters or emails with the Dunning Wizard.

Automate the communication flow

Take the first step - Enter your data in SAP Business One and let B1 Print & Delivery do the work for you. Automate communication by handling documents and reports with multiple action types such as emailing, printing, viewing, and saving, without user interactions of any kind.

And go beyond - Combine actions from B1 Print & Delivery with the flexibility and customization potential of B1 Usability Package macros to automate SAP Business One like never before.

Goodbye manual tasks - Get rid of manual tasks by firing multiple B1P&D actions at once.

Three-mode automation - Enhance each task-flow in SAP Business One by choosing the appropriate automation mode: triggered by user event, batch of schedule.

Did someone say "hard copies"? - If printing documents is still a reality to you, do it as efficiently as possible. Set the parameters for each layout and forget about it. B1 Print & Delivery, takes care of everything, from the number of copies to the selection of dynamic printers in remote environments.

Communicate effectively

Keep your team up to date with business objectives, news and essential internal communication through B1P&D's out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. And that's not all - connect to any application that allows HTTP calls by writing custom JSON code.

Impact your audience in any situation, by using multiple layouts for the same document and selecting the most apprpriate version on the fly

Enrich your emails with keywords, grouping rules, additional attachments, multiple recipients, multi-language support using Microsoft Exchange, SMTP or directly through Microsoft Outlook.

Engage with your customers and suppliers by addressing their communication preferences and language by using personalized content and specific document layouts.

Deliver the right information at the right time with B1P&D's scheduler.

Optimize your work

Use what you already know works. B1 Print & Delivery has a similar logic to the B1 Usability Package Validation System. Determine triggers based on user events and how the system responds to them. This way, B1P&D has the capabilities required to meet any of your business communication challenges, with the following tools: 


  • Your business, your rules - Configure B1 Print & Delivery actions to match your needs by using conditional statements, or by redefining standard SAP Business One events (like adding, printing, viewing a document, generating a PDF file, exporting date to Excel,..) With B1 Print & Delivery the systems adapts to your process, not the other way around.
  • Full document coverage - Choose from more than 40 ready-to-use layout from the most common SAP Business One documents, including Sales, Purchase, Finance, Opportunities, Production and Service modules. Also, map additional SAP documents to cover even the most specific scenarios.
  • Compatibility guaranteed - Use document layouts and reports in Crystal Reports and save them in a variety of file formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, XML and more.
  • All-in-one layouts - Make maintenance and customization extremely straightforwards with a single layout for all SAP Business One Marketing Documents.
  • Always in control - Keep track of users' actions with a detailed Delivery Log.

Watch the B1 Print & Delivery presentation video

Automate your business communication with B1 Print & Delivery for SAP Business One by using scheduled automatic mails and more! Watch the video to learn how you can save yourself clicks, errors and time.

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