Grow your business by building strong connections

Successful companies excel at establishing meaningful relationships with their business partners, whether they're leads, customers and suppliers. Even companies with irresistible products and services can fail if they don't make and maintain the right connections. After all, deals are closed by people interacting with each other and forging trusted working relationships.

One-time customers won't make your company grow. Leading a business to success relies on gathering a base of loyal and satisfied customers and building solid relationships with suppliers is equally as important. CRM for Outlook is the ultimate solution for developing great relationships inside and outside your business, delivering the key benefits which will drive your company to achieve outstanding results.

Sell More


Create and track sales opportunities driving their progress through each sales cycle stage.


Follow up ons sales opportunities, never letting them get cold.


Keep track of your progress with out-of-the box sales widgets.

Create email lists for marketing campaigns with B1 MailChimp. View the location of business partners' addresses & get driving directions on the fly.

Increase Productivity


Work from the familiar Outlook environment, saving time and enabling users to get up and running quickly.


Use Outlook to add or update sales documents, activities, service calls and business partners' records & to view purchase documents and invoices

Access all relevant information about business partners in one place. Quickly manage activities, documents & reports from your personal tab. 


Conveniently call to SAP Business One contacts using VoIP applications such as Skype.

"With the CRM for Outlook add-on from Boyum IT you get an extremely user-friendly add-on and all processes in the Customer Relationship Management are easily and quickly displayed”

Organize Your Work

SAP Business One activities and Outlook calendar entries always in sync.

Work proactively by always knowing what to do next.

Keep track of your progress with out-of-the box sales widgets.

Use Outlook to access SAP Business One data, just by having an internet connection. 

Enhance Team Collaboration


Link important emails to SAP Business One records, providing your team with a history of all communications.


Let others know when you're not available or see all absentees in your organization.


Attach files to SAP Busines One using integrations with Dropbox, Amazon S3 or FTP.


Keep all employees up to date through company-wide access to CRM For Outlook.

Find the right information

  • Shortcuts to SAP
    -- Navigate to documents and reports in SAP Business one with a single click.
  • Custom Reports
    -- Run your own reports and charts from B1 Usability Package
  • Clue-cards
    -- A handy summary of open SAP Business One items<
  • Search tool
    -- Look up throughout SAP Business One for contacts, emails, phone numbers, addresses and more.
  • Data sources
    -- Get data from multiple SQL or HANA databases.

Connect your business to people



Improve your CRM Capabilities 

Manage all of your sales and service processes ? from lead to account management, through reporting, invoicing and service calls - from one easy to use and familiar place: Outlook

With CRM for Outlook you have complete Outlook integration for SAP Business One.

Go for outstanding results with CRM for Outlook!
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